Service Coordination

At the first IFSP meeting you will be asked to select an Ongoing Service Coordinator (OSC) who may be different from your Initial Service Coordinator (ISC). Choosing your OSC is an important decision.  This service coordinator will be responsible for putting your IFSP into action.

Your Ongoing Service Coordinator will also be responsible for:

  • Talking with you about any scheduling or other needs that your family may have that will impact the assignment of providers.
  • Reviewing you IFSP to identify your child’s and family’s early intervention service needs.
  • Contacting you to confirm scheduling, services, and other needs.
  • Assigning and arranging for providers to deliver services in the IFSP who are approved by and under agreement with the New York State Department of Health.
  • Arranging contact between you and your assigned provider(s).
  • Making sure that your child and family get all the services in your IFSP.
  • Following-up with you and your assigned provider to make sure the scheduling and first day of service occurs within the required timeframe.
  • Informing you about advocacy services.
  • Making sure six-month reviews and annual evaluations of your IFSP are completed.
  • Helping you make any changes to your IFSP that may be needed between six-month reviews and annual evaluations.
  • Notifying school districts of the potential transition of your child from the EIP to preschool special education services.
  • Meeting with you to develop transition plan that will include the steps needed to help you and your child leave the EIP and begin new services.

Our ongoing service coordinator also assist with updating your family’s insurance information as the need arises.  You should let your OSC know if there are any changes in the family’s insurance policy, including Medicaid and Child Health Plus.