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Special Education Services for Kids and Their Families



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Compassionate Educators Helping Improve Your Child's Development

RightWay Therapeutic Services provides educational support services to children in their home and community settings, including preschools, hospitals, homes, and daycare centers. Our goal is to meet the unique need of all our students and families.

RightWay Therapeutic Services is approved by the New York State and New York City Department of Education to provide early intervention services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens County. 

We are an agency that believes that through progress, we achieve success.

Our Approach

Experienced Teachers

Highly qualified and experienced teachers are carefully matched with each child. Our teachers not only have the highest qualifications, but they are also patient, compassionate, and fun! Our team can assess and create individualized behavior and intervention programs that work in collaboration with health care and education providers.

Excellent Programs

We offer individual and group-based services specifically designed to support each child's development. Programs are segmented based on age - SEIT for preschool and SETTS for school. Our teachers collaborate with classroom teachers, psychologists, and other members of the professional team to ensure progress.

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Comprehensive Individualized Approach

Through engaging activities, we nurture the child's development and teach parents the skills and routines that are needed to help them work with their child and celebrate their child's progress at home, school, and community.

Fun Learning

Children learn best in an environment where they are having fun. When children are engaged in fun, enjoyable classrooms; and most notably, when they perceive the activities to be fun, their brain releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, a natural attention, motivation, and memory booster.

Meet Our Executive Director Marie Calixte

Marie Calixte is a special educator and school district administrator with over 23 years of experience in special education services and supervision.

As an educator with an extensive background in working with children with special needs and their families, Marie understands that many parents initially find it difficult to accept the fact that their baby is not developing at the same rate as other babies. With that in mind, RightWay Therapeutic hires highly skilled professionals from various backgrounds and cultures to offer ease and comfort to families while providing services.