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Here’s what you can expect your child to be doing from birth to age three.

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Trouble Meeting these milestones?

If your child is having trouble meeting some of the milestones listed above, it may put your mind at ease to talk to someone. Early help makes a difference! Talk with your doctor or call your local early intervention program.

local Early Intervention Programs

Brooklyn: (718) 722-3310
Manhattan: (212) 436-0900
Queens: (718) 480-2249
Bronx: (718) 410-4480
Staten Island: (718) 568-2300

Contact Rightway Therapeutic Services

Our Approach

  • Fun Learning
  • Structured Play
  • Creativity, Always
  • Fun Learning
  • Structured Play
  • Creativity, Always

RightWay Therapeutic Services (RWTS) provides education services to children in their home and community settings, including preschools, hospitals, homes, and daycare centers.  Our goal is to meet the unique need of all our students and families.

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