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Our Early Intervention Solutions and Educational Programs

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Intervention Services

We're dedicated to helping families get the support they need to ensure the children in their lives are able to live prosperously. Every family that has a child with autism is on a unique journey. We believe that no two children are exactly alike, therefore neither should their education plans. 

Applied Behavioral Analysis


ABA is a proven therapy used to systematically address the developmental and behavioral needs of children with autism spectrum disorders. Studies have shown ABA to be the most effective form of autism therapy. At RightWay, we use ABA analysis to create an individualized approach and plan that addresses the social and life skills to children reach their highest potential.

Our ABA Program Includes:

  • Discrete trial teaching (DTT)
  • Mand training for communications deficits
  • Incidental and natural environment teaching (NET)
  • Play and socialization skills
  • Self-help and adaptive skills
  • Functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plans
  • Verbal behavior

SEIT and SETSS Services

We work with students who have learning and attention challenges or needs, those with speech and language delays, and those with motor delays. The primary difference between SEIT/SETSS is the age of the child - SEIT teachers work with children in preschool and SETSS teachers work with children in school grades K -12.

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The SEIT/SETSS teacher's role


The SEIT/SETSS teachers help students learn what is going on in the classroom by developing their cognitive and academic skills as well as to consult with the classroom teachers and professionals on how to best support a child with learning disabilities. The teachers are flexible in what they are working on each day, with the child's individual education plan dictating the focus.

As a team, we are dedicated to developing and implementing strategies and resources unique to each child's specific needs.